Thursday, May 31, 2007

Prosperity (Project), Energy & Voting

May 31
The New Mexico Prosperity Project describes itself as “a non-partisan, joint effort between New Mexico's employers and state and local non-profit business organizations to encourage more active and informed participation in the government process.” The group’s Web site is
In particular, government process, which is certainly a “government process” sort of phrase, means voting. The group gets information to employees of member companies about candidates, their records and positions about business issues.
Robert Bradley, president of the Institute for Energy Research, spoke recently at a Prosperity Project recruiting / fund raising lunch in Albuquerque. A copy of Bradley’s book, “Energy The Master Resource,” was the door prize for all. Cover promo blurbs include one from Jane Shaw, then of the Property and Environment Research Center in Montana. PERC,, as it is known, is one our leading sources of environmental wisdom. PERC’s mission is “improving environmental quality through markets.” The endorsement puts Bradley in excellent company.
“Energy The Master Resource” is available from for $19.95.