Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Grade A Eminent Domain Reform

The Castle Coalition, a national grassroots organization that has examined and graded eminent domain laws for each of the 50 states since the Kelo ruling, gives an A to New Mexico's HB 393 that passed the 2007 legislature. The Coalition's news release said, "This year, House Bill 393 removed the power of eminent domain from the state’s Metropolitan Redevelopment Code—ensuring protection for New Mexico’s home and small business owners from the type of eminent domain abuse seen in Kelo. By now no longer allowing condemnations for blight, New Mexico passed some of the nation’s strongest reform. An exception was made for so-called 'antiquated platting' issues in Rio Rancho, but that amendment was narrowly written and does not affect the heart of the reform." The coalition's evaluation of all 50 states is available at:

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