Thursday, August 28, 2008

SAT Scores

Total mean SAT scores for New Mexico college bound high school seniors dropped for the third year in 2008, according to the annual report of SAT scores from the College Board, which runs SAT testing. The report covered 2,336 takers of the SAT through March 2008. It was released Tuesday.
Scores peaked in 2005 average total for males hitting 1,051. That was the highest since 1972 when the reading and math averages totaled 1,058. The 2008 score for the guys was 1,037—504 on reading and 533 on math.
The recent peak for the girls was 1,009, also in 2005. This year the girls scored 1,000—500 for both reading and math. That put the girls 33 points behind the boys in math,
On the writing test, now in its third year of having reported results, the boys averaged 488 and the girls 501.
The top score range—from 750 to 800—had 72 students for the writing test this year—34 male and 38 female. For math, the top range had 69 students—45 male and 24 female.
The University of New Mexico got SAT scores from 1,031 students, the most of any university. New Mexico got 510 scores with 172 sent to NM Tech. The University of Texas at Austin was the most popular out of state school with 156 scores followed by Stanford, 153, and University of Colorado at Boulder,140. MacAlester College, a private liberal arts school in Minnesota, attracted the fewest scores—48.

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