Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Road Notes and Signs

We are traveling. This is the annual trip to visit the in-laws in Dubuque, Iowa, and southwest Wisconsin. Think cheese, five-year-old cheddar, a delicacy on the scale of the best green chile.
On October 12, last Sunday, at about 10:15 AM, we saw two road signs flanking I-25 just west of Rowe, NM. The one next to the left lane said that the left lane was closed ahead. The one next to right lane said the right lane was closed ahead. Visions of an old and great B movie flashed. The movie was "Vanishing Point," or something along that line.
Moments later we were pleased to find that only the left lane was closed.
On I-76, heading northeast from Denver, the road sign said: Stay Far Right and then had a bicycle icon. We were 200 miles from Denver and 300 miles from Lincoln, Nebraska. This concern for the cyclists seems to me a grand example of waste of money and the effect of a noisy lobby.

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