Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Legislature: Capitol Crowds

I have seen a report or two that the Capitol is very quiet this year. The usual crowds haven't shown for the Legislature. My brief observation around 4 p.m. yesterday says this is true. Walking through the rotunda after dropping copies of the February issue of Capitol Report New Mexico, it dawned on me that no one was there. I checked with the women who provide Capitol tours during the session. Yes, traffic was down, they said. They couldn't say how much since they don't count. But, yes, they are providing fewer tours this year. As I visited with the tour guides, I looked to the east foyer. Two senior lobbyists were the only people in what usually is a packed space during the session.
There are fewer bills this year, for sure. Fewer controversial bills, perhaps? Less budget money to bring school kids to the Capitol, perhaps?

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