Friday, August 20, 2010

July Job Losses Second Nationally

Whatever happened in June to the wage job situation in New Mexico continued during July. It was in June that New Mexico led the nation in percentage decrease in wage jobs, both from May and from June 2010. In July, we dropped to second place in year over year percentage decrease in wage jobs, down 1.3% and tied with our good buddy Mississippi. Nevada led the pack with a 1.8% drop.

The new numbers were posted today by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. See

On a seasonally adjusted basis, July employment, which is different from wage jobs, declined 6,200 or 0.7% from July 2009. The number of seasonally adjusted unemployed in July, 78,400, was up 8,200 or 10.5% from July 2009.

Next Thursday, August 26, the Department of Workforce Solutions will release details of the New Mexico job situation. See

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