Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wall•E Look Alike At White Sands

Wall•E has returned to New Mexico. The amiable trash-compacting robot first appeared in the state in a movie trailer that debuted at The Walt Disney Company’s annual meeting held in Albuquerque in 2008.
More recently Wall•E has been roaming White Sands Missile Range. Actually, it’s not Disney’s computer animated Wall•E that is at White Sands, but perhaps a three-dimensional cousin with a remarkable physical resemblance.
The Army Evaluation Task Force, based at Fort Bliss, has been testing a variety of gear for battlefield reconnaissance to see if technical matters from tests during 2009 have been resolved. The equipment includes The Wall•E resembling Small Unmanned Ground Vehicle and a Class I Unmanned Aerial System, which looks a little like one of those barrels for cooking turkeys in oil and can fly up to eight kilometers from its operator.
The objective is to link these devices via roving digital command posts that will become a secure mobile network to provide soldiers a detailed, real time view of the battlefield.
This report appeared in the September 15 Wall Street Journal.

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