Monday, March 7, 2011

Wilson Announces for Senate; Gives Great Speech

The concepts of “Heather Wilson” and “great speech” can no longer be considered mutually exclusive. The former Congresswoman from Albuquerque gave a rouser today when she announced her candidacy for the United States Senate seat now held by Jeff Bingaman, who is retiring.
Wilson’s speech really didn’t say anything new. It was the passion and the delivery that gave it the quality.
Wilson sketched her background and the roles she plays and has played—mother, wife, business owner, student at the Air Force Academy, member of Congress, business owner.
She is running, she said, because “I am deeply concerned about the direction of the country.” The administration’s choices are leading to big trouble. “The first thing we have to do is get our financial house in order.” She will oppose cap and trade. She will seek reforms to “fix the systems.” (She didn’t offer details, but then this was an announcement speech.”
Wilson mentioned the requirement that citizens purchase health insurance as being especially scary. “ObamaCare must be repealed and replaced.”
Along the way, the standard Republican social issues got attention, such as marriage being between and man and woman, that sort of thing.
For me, the significant happening, after the quality of Wilson’s speech, was the appearance of former Congressman and senatorial campaign loser (to Jeff Bingaman) Bill Redmond on the podium with his endorsement. Redmond, I suppose, was brought from his well-deserved political retirement to attest to Wilson’s very conservative bona fides. Redmond performed as asked. He said Wilson was a person of faith and aligned with conservative values.
Wilson’s press materials including endorsement statements from 41 present and former elected Republicans led by former Sen. Pete Domenici and former Congressman Manual Lujan. Many of the endorsers are current legislators. The other endorsers present at the event included three of the four 2010 Republican candidates for governor, Janice Arnold-Jones, Pete Domenici, Jr.; and Allen Weh; former Lt. Gov. Jack Stahl; former Land Commissioner Bill Humphries; current Albuquerque public safety chief and 2010 congressional loser (to Martin Heinrich), Darren White; Albuquerque Mayor Richard Berry; Bloomfield Mayor Scott Eckstein; and, from Carlsbad, former State Sen. Don Kidd.
Endorsers on the stage even included New Mexico Music stars Al Hurricane and Al Hurricane Jr. Wow!
About the time the event ended, in keeping with today’s instant politics, Javier Gonzales, chairman of the Democratic Party of New Mexico, issued an email news release attacking Wilson and seeking donations.
The endorsements and putting Redmond on the podium presumably are designed to show broad support for Wilson across the Republican Party, especially among the very, very, very conservative types. I hope it works. Lt.Gov. John Sanchez, he of the humongous ego, reportedly has been considering the race. All I can say of Sanchez as Lt. Gov., or as 2002 candidate for governor, is that he is handsome and knows how to run a roofing company.

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