Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Customer Not So Friendly kMart

This afternoon's adventure was buying razor blades at the neighborhood kMart.
The choice was two packages of five blades each for a total of around $30.00 or one package of 12 blades for around $30.00. Hmm...
The trouble was that the 12-blade package was locked onto the display. It hung from a metal arm. A red plastic device prevented removing the blade package. On the plastic device the instruction was to see a "sales associate." The trouble was that sales associates weren't exactly hanging around looking to be helpful.
I finally flagged a cashier who turned to the service desk. The people there had no clue. A young man appeared and stepped into the situation. He, too, had no clue, but finally found an assistant manager, who seemed to have some idea that the red plastic device was really there on purpose. However, the assistant manager could not locate the specialized tool required to remove the red plastic item. Finally I persuaded him to simply cut the blade package from the metal arm.
This is dumb, kMart dudes. Dumb.

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