Tuesday, October 11, 2011

BofA Posts Security

My noon visit to the Albuquerque Bank of America main office downtown came with a bonus of sorts—people with signs and, in response, security. The security people were in response to the demonstrators, a bank employee said.

A couple of security guys were hanging out on the sidewalk along Third Street near the north entrance to the building. Inside, the north entrance to the first floor banking office area was locked. A sign referred people to the south entrance.

At the south entrance there were four people: two security types; a man, manager of the main office branch, I suspect; and a woman. Another pink sign on the door said, "No trespassing."

The joys of free speech!

Update: As of 4:30 P.M., the sign carriers were gone from BofA. The security folks were still there. This was discovered due to needing to return to BofA. The lack of dedication from the sign dudes is disappointing. Commitment is one thing the country needs. If the sign dudes can't be annoying all day, then why bother at all.

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