Monday, December 5, 2011

Qwest Ended. (Century) Link Severed

In mid-October we finally got around to completely cutting the cord with Qwest/Century Link.

We dumped the dial-out part of the landline service a couple of years ago. But we kept the telephone company relationship because of our Internet needs and partly to keep the fax, which Susan still needed for business.

Then our ISP, Southwest Cyberport of Albuquerque ( added a service where SWCP could supply the DSL service. Our Internet service on the hardware end, the phone company end, that is, was getting continually worse. All SWCP needed was to install the connection and have Century Link to install the line. We got that done.

The next step was to unlink. Susan called Century Link about 6 P.M. October 18. No one was home, a spooky prospect for someone needing customer service. Folks were home the next day and our ever increasing land line bill was ended.

We are happy. SWCP’s service is wonderful.

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