Friday, February 17, 2012

Biden Comes for Money. D Plutocrats Pay Up. Fewer Jobs Being Lost.

Vice President Joe Biden came to Albuquerque yesterday and left with money.

Locals whined to talk radio about the random traffic disruption. Geez. Get a life. If a president or vice president comes to any town, to get to their destination, they will disrupt traffic. The Heather Wilson supporters displaying signs along the route were a little more creative.

For my wife it was her second such disruption. A few years ago President George W. Bush delayed her arrival at the Dubuque, Iowa, airport. She is the family Democrat. That day she called me and her dad and brother, both now deceased, to say that “your President” almost made her late.

Biden does seem to have a way with Albuquerque traffic. The Albuquerque Journal shows Biden motorcade problem stories from October 2011 and 2009.

The talk radio whiners missed a more important point. A standard litany in the public dialogue is that “New Mexico is a poor state.” The price for the Biden event was $10,000.

The Democrats go on and on about income inequality while somehow “forgetting” that Democrats are plutocrats, too. Even in “poor” New Mexico, there are Democrats with money. This was obvious under Bill Richardson, but has been hidden the past year.

On the other end of the plutocracy spectrum, fewer New Mexicans seem to be losing jobs. To be specific, fewer seem to be filing new claims for unemployment compensation.

No trend shows yet. As of this writing state level unemployment claims figures are available for five weeks of 2012. The year started nicely with 457 fewer claims filed during the week of January 7 as compared to a year ago. The figures for the following four weeks are:
Week ending January 14. New Claims: 1,820. One year change: -430.
Week ending January 21. New Claims: 1,638. One year change: -109.
Week ending January 28. New Claims: 1,654. One year change: +55.
Week ending Febuary 4. New Claims: 1,710. One year change: +286.

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