Tuesday, June 19, 2012

UNM Touts Better Birdhouse

Really. And seriously.

No tongue in cheek here. No introductory statement along the lines of, "This might sound silly, but it really isn't."

The headline said, "Architecture Students Build Better Birdhouse." The houses—for birds, bats and ducks—are in the south valley part of the Rio Grande bosque.

The ulra-straight story and headline would have been fine except for the location, location, location as the lead in the "UNM ConnectEd PR" tabloid inserted in today's Albuquerque Journal.

For the tens of thousands of readers who don't get beyond the second paragraph, we have UNM being proud of birdhouses. Whoopee. Allowing such as impression bespeaks cluelessness on the part of UNM's marketing staff which produced the publication.

A better lead would have been the page four story about Martian carbon. Exotic and cool. The birds houses could have planted on page four.

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cgonzal said...

As the author of the piece in question, I would like to address a few points. First, the "PR" is not part of the title of the story, as indicated in your blog post. Although I can't take credit for the title given to my article, I think it is clever. The story is about something most people don't equate with architecture - designing and building for non-humans. It's a great concept with tremendous implications for caring for our bosque. Just because the piece was featured in an insert instead of in the regular pages of the Journal doesn't mean it isn't a story of value. It is time for the media and social media to recognize and report on the great research and scholarship being done at the University of New Mexico.