Monday, September 3, 2012

"Tony Hillerman's Landscape" Selling Steadily

About 8,000 of the original 10,000 copy printing of "Tony Hillerman's Landscape" have sold. The estimate come from Anne Hillerman, daughter of Tony and author of the book. Don Strel, Anne's husband, took the marvelous photographs.

Anne has to have autographed several thousand of those sales. She and Don seem to have den everywhere since publication. The concept is that Anne and Don selected a brief passage from one of Papa Tony's Navajo detective novels and then went to that place. Anne described the place and Don took photos.

We got our most recent copy Saturday (9/1) at the Santa Fe farmers market where Anne was signing under the corporation umbrella, as it were, of the Collected Works bookstore. The book purchased Saturday was a "thank you" for Greg Flynn who is close to completing a lovely remodel for us. The remodel consisted mostly of a carport and portal across the from of our house in Albuquerque. The carport was necessary to shelter the car, a nice car, a Toyota Avalon, we got a year ago.

Flynn's company is Flynn & Smith LLC. Cell is 505-400-1862.

At the mob-scene farmers market was also got a bunch of lamb from Antonio Manzanares for my mom. Manzanares company is Shepherd's Lamb. See

Manzanares, of Tierra Amarilla, was one of the founders of the Ganados del Valle co-op maybe 35 years ago. Ganados has a beautiful rug sales operation in Los Ojos.

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