Tuesday, May 7, 2013

NM / Colorado Income Gap Widens

The 2012 state personal income numbers were released March 27 by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. Oh, woe is me, I didn't discover this until 90 minutes ago.
Oh, well.
For 2012, New Mexico's per capita income was $35,079. We ranked 43rd nationally. Coloradans per capita-wise earned $45,135, or $10,056 more than New Mexicans. The gap was $9,513 in 2011.
For selected other states, the 2012 per capita income and national rank was:
Connecticut: $58,908 (1).
Arizona: $35,979. (41). Like New Mexico, a border state.
Utah: $34,601. (46). Many Mormon babies.
Mississippi: $33,073. (50).

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