Saturday, June 18, 2016

State Gains Jobs During May; Thank Bernalillo County

A little bit is happening with New Mexico’s wage job picture. Or at least the Department of Workforce Solutions thinks so. The monthly summary news release, which appeared yesterday, reports 2,900 net new wage jobs between May 2015 and May 2016, a gain of 0.3% for the year.
The year-over-year April to April job loss of 300 went away with the disappearance of the mystery loss for the April-to-April year of 1,600 jobs in leisure and hospitality. DWS called it a “significant upward revision” and offered nothing more.
In the sectors, not seasonally adjusted, education and health services (+5,200) and leisure and hospitality (3,400) continue to rock. Professional and business services is doing decently with a year-over-year gain of 1,900 jobs or just over 2%. Nearly all the government gain of 1,400 jobs came from local government, up 1,200 jobs. Local government education, meaning the public schools, was down 300, perhaps reflecting the end of school.
Mining and logging (mostly oil and gas production) remain the biggest loser, down 6,500 for the year and 900 during May. Transportation, warehousing and utilities dropped 1,400 jobs over the year, an impressive 5.7% loss. DWS offered no explanation. Manufacturing lost another 700 jobs. Retail dropped 700 with another 100 lost in wholesale trade.
The release shows county numbers for labor force, employment (different from wage jobs) and unemployment. The combined Eddy and Lea County figures don’t explain the mining/logging job loss, nor should they. I would have expected them to be closer. Employment in Eddy and Lea County combined dropped 2,933 year-over-year. Lea County lost 1,744. Eddy lost 1,189. That’s a 5.3% drop from the May 2015 combined employment of 55,322.
Statewide the employment gain was 2,473. In Bernalillo County the gain was 4,239, meaning that the rest of the state lost 1,766 jobs, a performance attributable to Lea and Eddy counties.

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