Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Liberal Arts and PR

Unless I have missed one, we have three private, liberal arts colleges in New Mexico—St. John's College in Santa Fe, College of the Southwest in Hobbs, and College of Santa Fe in, yes, Santa Fe. They are quite different. St. John's, approaching the 40th anniversary of the graduation of its first class, got some gratuitous PR last week from Paul Greenberg, nationally syndicated columnist and editorial page editor of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.(Disclosure: I was part of that first class, but did not graduate.) Gail Griffith, St. John's director of communications, said the College didn't know of Greenberg's writing plans until the column appeared.
Greenberg hiked (his word) from downtown to the St. John's campus, a non-trivial jaunt, especially for those from lower altitudes. He called the College "a school dedicated to classical education and the study of the Great Books in general." The program "offers perspective," he said, and "learning." All true. All three liberal arts colleges are also multi-million dollar operations that occupy important places in the local economy. St. John's, by the unique nature of its program, brings yet another national perspective to Santa Fe.(www.stjohnscollege.edu).

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