Saturday, May 23, 2009

Blog Shifts Perspective

The publication Capitol Report New Mexico has a new site, Much of the material previously posted here will appear on the new site. That's because the site and the publication are both now owned by the Rio Grande Foundation. The site supports the mission of the publication which is fairly straight reporting, through a conservative view, of policy matters in New Mexico, centering on the legislature.
Smart aleck stuff, more personal stuff, however tempting, won't make it to the new site, but will appear here occasionally. For example, this is the place to point out that the appearance of Lt. Gov. Diane Denish at an Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce lunch last Thursday (May 21) was all about politics. Yes, Denish was scheduled to talk about business issues. But this is the time for the organized business establishment, the Chamber, to get cozy with the presumptive heir apparent of the governor's office. It ain't philosophy folks, it's "business," namely stability and access.
Here, also, is the place to mention that while PNM CEO Jeff Sterba quite properly touted massive reductions in mercury emissions from the San Juan Generating Station at PNM's shareholder's meeting this week, he also gave CFL light bulbs to people attending the meeting. CFL's contain mercury and inevitably a few of PNM's bulbs will make it to land fills.
If this split perspective doesn't work, I will let you know. -Harold Morgan

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