Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Job Losses Lead Nation

New Mexico leads nation in percentage job losses. Here's the word(s), released today, from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. During June, "The largest over-the-month percentage decreases in employment (among all the states) occurred in New Mexico (-1.4 percent)...The largest over-the-year percentage decrease in employment occurred in New Mexico (-2.2 percent)." Further, employment dropped 11,500 jobs in the state during June. That astonishing figure ranks fourth nationally. Arizona, with more than twice New Mexico's population, was just ahead of us in raw job losses with 11,700 gone.

Employment, seasonally adjusted, in New Mexico was 804,400 in May and 793,200 in June.

Some measurement quirks may exist because New Mexico's unemployment rate actually dropped from 8.4% in May to 8.2% in June. The unemployment rate 8.7% in April and 7.1% in June 2009.

This a helluva topic to pick for restarting blog entries here. But I had to start sometime.

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