Tuesday, September 21, 2010

4,400 NM Jobs Gone in August

During August, New Mexico was not among the nation’s leaders in job loss by number or percentage, either over the year or from July. I guess that’s good news.

Even so, New Mexico’s loss of 4,400 jobs from July to August was enough to hit the “statistically significant” designation from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which released August state employment, labor force and unemployment figures today. Seasonally adjusted employment went from 802,600 in July to 798,200 in August.

New Mexico’s unemployment ticked up slightly and probably statistically insignificantly from 8.2% in June and July to 8.3% in August.

The state’s labor force about broken even over the year on a seasonally adjusted basis. The August 2010 labor force was 954, 700, down 400 over the year.

The number of unemployed people, officially unemployed, that is, was 78,300 in August 2010 and 72,700 in August 2009. The total number of unemployed, the 78,300 plus those who have just given up the whole employment scene is a larger number.

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