Monday, September 27, 2010

Something Else to Cut from State Government

Nanny-state stuff from the Public Regulation Commission. By “nanny state stuff” I mean the lectures on behavior from the PRC, the rest state government, or any government for that matter. A contender from the best ever advice award from government is this, “It is important to avoid parking in a Tow-Away Zone at all times.” The gem comes in a brochure from the PRC’s transportation division that was designed and printed by the PRC’s administrative services division.

Another value-laden item is a headline in the fall 2010 “Constituent Update” from Jason Marks, PRC commissioner. The headline, “Important Solar Project Dies a Lonely Death.” “A lonely death” for a project. Interesting concept. If Marks paid for this newsletter with his own money, I wouldn’t care.

But the PRC is supposed to regulate, not lecture.

Besides, PRC campaigns are paid for with public money, an approach that liberals say is to make PRC elections pure. I wonder what would be the reaction to a headline saying that the Public Service Company (or any utility) walked on water.

Eliminating such waste wouldn’t save much. But the state’s financial situation remains dire. Every little bit counts.

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