Friday, January 21, 2011

Martinez Does Something Bold

Governor Susana Martinez has finally done something bold. There is no money in the executive budget for the Commission on the Status of Women. No male could consider such an idea, given the sacrosanctity of gender politics.
According to a story in the current issue of The Alibi ( in Albuquerque, the Commission has been around for 37 years, since the glory days of feminism, and spends $600,000 annually. That’s 40 cents per taxpayer, the story says.
In her state of the state speech on Tuesday, Martinez fulfilled a campaign promise and called for bringing the death penalty to New Mexico. The next day, Archbishop Michael Sheehan got media coverage for his opposition to the death penalty.
One has to respect Martinez for keeping the campaign promise. I continue to believe it is a fight not needed by the Martinez administration, the legislature and the people of New Mexico.

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