Saturday, April 23, 2011

Abq Chamber Email Deluge

Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce forever exec Terri Cole has the idea that quantity matters in email communication. It has to be Cole. By all reports and my dated experience, she runs a tightly controlled ship.
I’m not a chamber member. But a few months ago I began to be buried in emails from the chamber. During the legislative session, this was OK, sort of, though I didn’t care about the detail and the snide tone with regard to the legislature was off-putting. Surely Cole knows that snide tones and arrogance have killed legislation. Still, I ignored the quantity.
Finally, though, I decided to count the emails, none of which I read. For the five days of the workweek starting April 18, there were 12 emails: two on the 18th, three on the 19th, two on the 20th, four (!) on the 21st and two yesterday.
That's a waste of time.

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