Friday, April 15, 2011

New Style Signs Harder to Read

Someone in Albuquerque’s City Hall has invented a new style for street signs.
The old style was better because it allowed more space for letters which, then, could be bigger and, being bigger, would be easier to read.
Using caps and lower case means most of the letters are smaller, and therefore harder to see. Putting the border around the sign takes space, reducing the size of the letters.
I have never understood why using all capital letters is preferred for headlines on sign. But it is.
What we have, if nothing else, seems to be a government person arbitrarily changing things without real public input.
I’m reminded of the obstruction that appeared seemingly from nowhere a couple of years ago in Girard Blvd. and a few other places in Albuquerque.
My neighborhood association recently asked Isaac Benton, the area’s city council member about the obstruction. Benton’s staff person blew them off.

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