Friday, March 2, 2012

Five Employ Fewer Than NM

During 2011 in New Mexico, 54.3% of the population was employed. This is the lowest employment to population ratio for New Mexico since the series began in 1976, the Bureau of Labor Statistics said Wednesday.
Our e2p ratio isn’t the nation’s lowest. West Virginia, at 49.5%, has claimed that “honor” since 1972. West Virginia is the only state with less than half the population working.
Six states join New Mexico with an e2p ratio under 55%. Florida, populated by retirees from Brooklyn or somewhere, is the only one with an acceptable explanation.
The other five are the usual southern suspects: Alabama, 53.4%; Mississippi, 53.5%; and Louisiana, 54.9%.
South Carolina’s employment to population ratio is 53.5% with Michigan at 53.6%.
The ratio nationally is 58.4%. New Mexico’s ratio ranks 45th among the states. Our place more than four points behind the national ratio provides yet another illustration of the deep challenges facing those interested in a better life for New Mexicans.

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