Sunday, March 4, 2012

Writing In Not An Option In Sunland Park, Too Bad

In a way the Sunland Park city election debacle is pretty funny—an evolving small town he said-she said-he said soap opera of misbehavior, comedy, extortion charges and sex in the form of a video of mayoral candidate Gerardo Hernandez getting a lap dance from a topless woman in his campaign office and nuzzling the woman’s breast.
The people of Sunland Park will figure this out and, maybe, someday, recover from being public fools.
For now, though, with the election set of this coming Tuesday, March 6, Sunland Park voters lack recourse to the obvious solution—a write-in campaign. By that I mean a true write-in—with pencils and pieces of paper—the sort that first sent Joe Skeen to Congress.
True write-ins disappeared from the state election code (which I assume applies to municipal elections) some years back via an oversight, yeah, sure, but that’s what I’ve been told.
Maybe the replacement for outgoing Sen. Cynthia Nava will form a coalition in the 2013 legislature and reinstate write-in voting. Rep. Joseph Cervantes has announced for the seat.
If write-ins were available, my guess is that the Sunland Park voters would find a real person and elect that person mayor.

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