Monday, January 14, 2013

I Want My Kids to Stay in NM

We've heard that from politicians many times. I have always felt the lamentation was parochial and useless. The irrelevance gets support from a map on the back of the new issue of "Panorama," New Mexico State's alumni magazine.
As of June 30, 2012, NMSU had "more than 107,000" alumni. I have no idea how many of them grew up in the state, much less were born here.
While just over half, 58,416, live in New Mexico, the cat on keeping the rest of them around is long since out of the bag. Every state has a sprinkling of Aggie alums including those with really small populations such as North Dakota (64) and Delaware (51).
Rhode Island, with 49, has the smallest alumni group. Texas of course has the largest at 14,842.
If our so-called leaders quit worrying about the stupid stuff, maybe there would be time to think about why our labor force participation is low (and dropping) and what might be done about the hundreds of millions of dollars between what the Department of Transportation would like to spend building and fixing roads and the money available.

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