Saturday, January 26, 2013

Santa Fe Adds Jobs During 2012. Other Metros Don't.

Here is the Department of Workforce Services (DWS) summary of Albuquerque’s job performance. “The Albuquerque MSA continued to lose jobs over the year.
Albuquerque has experienced negative job growth for most of the past four years and is now at an employment level similar to that of 2004.”
Wage jobs in Albuquerque have declined for 13 consecutive months. Pretty amazing, as is said. Albuquerque lost 2,300 wage jobs during 2012.
DWS released the figured at 4:48 yesterday afternoon, just in time to miss the newscasts.
In the 2012 job loss race, Las Cruces beat Albuquerque, dropping 2,400 jobs. Farmington did do near so well, losing a mere 500 wages jobs during 2012, nearly all from the private sector, DWS said.
Santa Fe was the lone New Mexico metro to add jobs with growth of 1,100 jobs, all in the private sector and led by leisure and hospitality.
Statewide, a net of 3,200 jobs went away with the private sector gaining 2,400 and government losing 5,600. The feds dropped 1,100 with the state down a net of 5,600. Education added 500 jobs, 400 in state government education and 100 in local government education.
The next job report will appear March 18. The longer period between reports allows time for revisions called benchmarking.

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