Thursday, February 28, 2013

Anti-Mobility Totalitarians Lose One

Here's to new Albuquerque City Councillor Roxanna Meyers for quickly understanding that the proposed roundabout in Albuquerque's North Valley was a bad idea. Meyers told City Hall to stop planning for a $1.5 million roundabout at Rio Grande and Candelaria NW, the Albuquerque Journal reported today.

While I generally oppose roundabouts, considering them confusing and therefore dangerous, I hadn't been by Rio Grande and Candelaria NW for months until a few days ago. The intersection is a regular intersection with lights. Big deal. Sure the streets are wide, but arterials tend to be wide. The anti-mobility totalitarians want us all on bikes or driving autos a maximum of 18 MPH, the speed limit on so-called bike corridors such as Silver SE and Mountain Road near Old Town.

City Hall will send $1 million back to the feds, no doubt to be wasted elsewhere, and put $500,000 bad into the city's budget, perhaps to be usefully used.

Meanwhile, congratulations to Councillor Meyers.

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