Friday, March 1, 2013

NM in Top 10.... In Projected Sequester Effects

The headline is inaccurate. We are in the top ten for federal spending as a percentage of state gross domestic product, so we may well be in the top ten in receiving the effect. But on one knows for sure. "Regions that depend (more) on federal spending... will be slammed by the cuts," says today's Wall Street Journal in the caption for a map showing state GDP by percentage of federal spending.

For the current budget year, which ends September 30,federal cash spending will drop by only $42 billion, petty cash on the scale of things. Contracts in place will need to be completed or at least not suddenly canceled. Furloughs of civilian workers, set to start in April if they happen, will not be noticeable for a while because the consumers will reduce spending only gradually.

For Covis and Alamogordo, however, the situation may be different.

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