Friday, November 28, 2008

McCulloch on GOP Future

Today Dr. Allen McCulloch of Farmington had an opinion piece in the Albuquerque Journal about the future of the New Mexico Republican party. It has been reported that McCulloch seeks the chairmanship of the state Republican party.
When Dr. McCulloch ran for the United States Senate in 2006, he won the primary election while campaigning part time. He continued the campaign part time into the summer. Nice guy. But when ti comes to the commitment of a political campaign, he clearly didn't get it.
At the election night party (read: wake) in Farmington, as he was losing to Sen. Jeff Bingaman by 40 points, Dr. McCulloch whined that the media cost him election. Wrong, as I said in my 2006 post-election campaign newspaper column, Dr. McCulloch lost because he had no campaign.
I suppose it is possible that Dr. McCulloch has taken to heart everything he didn't do in 2006 (which was a lot) and everything he did wrong (pretty much everything he did do) and therefore would be the ideal leader to bring the NM GOP from the depths. Possible, but not at all likely.

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