Friday, November 7, 2008

Politics: NRAs Final Shot

The National Rifle Association creatively fired a last shot in the New Mexico election. The NRA’s ad was the plastic bag containing my election day Albuquerque Journal. “Defend Freedom. Defeat Obama,” one side said. The other side pitched a vote for Steve Pearce for Senate.
The fine print on the bag reflected changes in our society that perhaps are ultimately more important than a single election. One message said to keep the bag away from children, as if the words from the Nanny State would help.
The second note said the bag was recyclable. Something from the NRA recyclable? But the NRA is transcendently evil, liberals believe. And recycling is Transcendently good?
The NRA shot proved to be a shot in the dark in New Mexico, just as in Colorado where the same bag, but with a different Senate candidate, contained the Denver Post.

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