Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Taxes: Increase Rejected

Voters in Otero County, where Alamogordo is the county seat, last week rejected a tax increase proposed to help pay for New Mexico's Spaceport. The margin was 52% to 48%, early reports said. The ten-year, one-eighth cent addition to the county's gross receipts tax rate would have provided the Spaceport $6.6 million per year.
The reaction from Spaceport officials was along the lines of: No big deal. It not that much money; we'll find it elsewhere.
At 7.5%, Alamogordo has one of the highest municipal tax rates in the state. The county has two other municipalities, Cloudcroft with a 7% rate and Tularosa with a 7.25% rate. The gross receipts tax rate in the rest of Otero County is 5.8125%.
The highest gross receipts tax rates are in Quay County where 8% is the rate in Logan, San JOn and Tucumcari.
Dona Ana and Sierra counties have passed tax increases to pay for the Spaceport.

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