Friday, December 5, 2008

Culture: Natural History Museum

Our visit to the Natural History Museum in Albuquerque last weekend was impressive overall and disappointing in some details. The exhibit of the history of the personal computer is worth seeing. Especially gratifying was the statement, contrary to myth, that Microsoft founder Bill Gates did not leave Albuquerque due to any failure on the part of people in Albuquerque. Rather, with the sale of the MITS company, Gates and Paul Allen lost any reason to be in Albuquerque and returned to Seattle, land of Gates' family and money.
Some of the details:
A University of New Mexico Press book about the allegedly pristine wonders of Otero Mesa was printed in Singapore. Somehow the fuel used for shipping takes a little of the shine from the environmental paean. A carrying bag with an environmental slogan was made of polyester,
We concluded that the Museum does not have English majors write the material explaining exhibits. Two examples jumped at us. A description of the photography of undersea animals indicated that the film was processed underwater. A description of the cast of a dinosaur skeleton suggested that the cast of the skeleton was found near Tucumcari rather than the skeleton itself.

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