Saturday, December 20, 2008

Political Notes: A Whole New Car?

Yesterday Tom Taylor was only talking about the state's tax system, but his comments could be generalized to suggest the approach Republicans need to take the next two years. Taylor, Farmington Republican and House Minority Leader, was part of a panel of legislators at the annual Legislative Outlook Conference sponsored by the New Mexico Tax Research Institute. During the introductions, Taylor was teased a bit about a penchant to drive fast.
Taylor took the kidding as an opportunity to offer an analogy about the tax system. "Our boundaries have changed," he said. Actually, as a practical matter, the fiat boundaries of governmental entities such as counties and municipalities are irrelevant because of the Internet and because of business flexibility. yet, changing the tax system is dangerous because "we have no earthly idea" of the effect due to lack of data about how the tax system really works.
Yet, "we continue to try to reform" what he called our '57 Chevy tax system when the parts and technology do not exist to allow the system to function in our Porsche Carrera 911 world, much less the world of the 911 GT2. We have great challenges and a great opportunity to redesign everything, to build a whole new car.

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