Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Political Notes: The Rs Future?

Yesterday I happened to briefly visit with a 30-year national level political (Republican) and corporate affairs consultant. This man mostly lives on airplanes but sometimes stops in Abq to do laundry and say hello to his wife.
With regard to Republican woes in NM and nationally, he offered the theory that organizations in society including professions operate with a social contract. Society says: Do your thing and don't mess up too much, too often and you are generally left alone. Accountants and Enron provided his analogy. Corporations and accountants got Sarbanes-Oxley and other joys in return for their errors and misbehavior, Mortgage bankers might be today's analogy.
The consultant argues that Republicans nationally and in NM have defaulted on the social contract. Therefore, he says, any mere "back to basics" is irrelevant. It's more than "rebranding." I didn't get to stick around for the solutions part, but I find the notion fascinating.

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