Saturday, January 31, 2009

Job Losses: December Numbers (The Rest of the Story)

New Mexico closed 2008 with its second month of job losses, the Department of Workforce Services report January 29. Wage jobs were down 6,800 from December 2007, a 0.8% drop. Eight of the 13 industrial categories lost jobs while four gained.
Metro Albuquerque added 400 jobs in December over November but closed the year down 1,600 jobs from December 2007, a 0.4% year over year drop. This was the fifth consecutive month of over-the-year employment decline for Albuquerque.
For Las Cruces, December to December wage job growth was 700, a 1% increase.
Santa Fe's year over year job loss mode started in June and continued in December. Wage employment in December was down 1.4 percent, representing a loss of 900 jobs from December 2007.
Farmington added 400 wage jobs during 2008 for a 0.8% increase over December 2007. The private sector produced 500 jobs during the year while government lost 100.
With the four metro areas losing a net 1,400 jobs, that means the rural areas of the state dropped 5,400 jobs over the past year.

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