Sunday, January 4, 2009

Politics: The Richardson Situation

Bill Richardson dropping from being the nominee for Secretary of the Department of Commerce seems to leave the following scenarios:
1. The state's $454 million (and change) projected deficit for FY 09 is still the state's $454 million (and change) projected deficit for FY 09. However, dealing with the deficit would seem to have passed to the legislature, mostly. Until this morning, Richardson, though largely absent for three years, was still dealing from strength. No more.
2. Diane Denish, Lt. Gov., must feel a bit like she felt when Patricia Madrid, her neighbor, declared for Lt. Gov. and beat Denish, who had declared her candidacy some time before.
3. If Bill Richardson follows the demand of his ego, which he has done since he set foot in New Mexico about 30 years ago, he will remain as governor as long as possible. Every day Richardson remains governor, the New Mexico Republicans win.
4. If Richardson acts in the interests of New Mexico and New Mexico Democrats, he will resign. That's because every day Richardson continues as governor, a job he has worked hard for three years to leave, the corruption issue accrues to the Republicans.
But not likely is the judgement on a Richardson resignation. Much too much ego involved.

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