Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Publications: Más New Mexico!

As Clara Padilla Jones, she was secretary of state from 1983 through 1986. Then it was off to Portland, Oregon, with husband Frank Andrews, a one-time candidate for attorney general who was beaten in the primary. The Portland years included the serendipitous purchase, 14 years ago, of El Hispanic News, which now is just over 39 years old.
Along the way, Clara became president of the National Association of Hispanic Publications. Now Clara and Frank have returned to their "strong ancestral roots" in New Mexico to begin Más New Mexico!, a bilingual weekly that steps into the slightly served Albuquerque / Santa Fe market. The first issue appeared with a January 7 dateline. Más New Mexico! offers a mix of local, state, national and international news. Más New Mexico! news will tend toward the positive, but will not shy away from other realities.
The money is going into the product. The Más New Mexico! offices at 123 Palomas Drive NE in Albuquerque are quite modest and located in a modest area of town.
Clara told me she had no idea she would be in the publishing business. But she possesses one necessary ingredient. I love sales, she said.
The Web site is: Office phone: 505-255-1928.

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