Thursday, July 22, 2010

Historian Office Location Is Secret. Email, too

The headline exaggerates. Just a bit.
The Office of the State Historian is supposed to be at 1205 Camino Carlos Rey in Santa Fe. It may be there. Here’s the tale of finding the State Historian.
One heads east from Cerrillos Road and after a couple of blocks, a large building appears to the left or north. The sign on the building identifies it as the state library. The pillar sign in front says the building houses the state library and other organizations but makes no mention of the historian. The building has two wings with the entrance where the wings meet. Eventually a sign is noticed on the top of the building. The sign says, “1209 Camino Carlos Rey.”
The conventional logic of building numbering dictates that 1205 is next door to 1209. This logic turns into much cruising of the parking lot behind 1209. No 1205 appears.
Eventually the guy approach—look around and find 1205—runs out of options. Plan B becomes to ask someone inside 1209 for the location of 1205. Lo and behold, the first office seen inside 1209 is the State Historian. This suggests the conclusion that the eastern wing of the building is 1205. No information supports this conclusion.
The trip to the State Historian’s office came as a way to deal with an email to the office that was bounced back with the message, “Remote SMTP server has rejected address Diagnostic code: smtp;553 sorry, that domain isn't in my list of allowed rcpthosts (#5.7.1).”
The Santa Fe trip was already planned so the notion became to take a minute and drop the rejected email by the State Historian’s Office.
The woman in the foyer of the office received the email and commented that the rejected address was the organization’s old email address. The comment offered another insight into secrecy. The email address came from the Historian’s website.

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