Thursday, July 22, 2010

State Drops 11,900 Jobs During June

New Mexico lost an amazing 11,900 wage jobs from May to June and 14,200, or 1.8 percent, between June 2009 and June 2010, the state Department of Workforce Services reported today. The size of the monthly losses seem surprising, especially considering the lack of large layoffs that would have hit in June.
The sweet life has ended for state government employees as 4,300 jobs went away year over year. State government lost 9,600 jobs in June. Federal government employment grew 3,900 over the year, mostly because of the census, which is about done. Look for the federal job total to drop.
After several months of three or four job sectors growing, we’re back to having just two with year over year job growth. The educational and health services (a single sector) and leisure and hospitality (also a single sector) both added jobs. Leisure and hospitality is essentially tourism. DWS offered no explanation of the growth. My story from July 5 is that Russell's Truck Stop folks at Springer must have had a good holiday weekend. At about 3:30 the afternoon of July 5, we had to wait to get access to a gas pump. No long, but any wait seems unusual. The trash cans were overflowing. A down note was that one set of rest rooms was "out of commission." I’m told that resort communities across northern New Mexico also had good traffic over the Fourth.
Five counties have more than 10% unemployed.
The metro areas:
Albuquerque: May-June: 3,500 jobs lost. June 2009 – June 2010: 5,100 jobs lost.
Las Cruces: May-June: 1.900 jobs lost. June 2009 – June 2010: 400 jobs gained.
Santa Fe: May-June: 200 jobs added. June 2009 – June 2010: 700 jobs lost. No state government jobs disappeared in Santa Fe during June. Nor did any go away in the past year. State government employment in Santa Fe remained at 8,200.
Farmington: May-June: 100 jobs lost. June 2009 – June 2010: 2,200 jobs lost.

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