Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ice Cream Opening Requires Screw Driver, Wire Cutter

We needed a screw driver and a wire cutter to open our ice cream last night. And, yes, we were quite coherent and functional at the time. It was the new approach to closing the ice cream carton. Kroger, which operates the Smith’s stores in New Mexico, brought us the “opportunity” for this learning experience. The ice cream brand was ‘Private Selection,” a Kroger house brand
The ice cream, previously packaged with a plastic band around the top, came with a pull-tab. The instructions were to pull the tab down to open. We did. The tab broke. Nothing opened.
We were left with a black lid with a lattice structure around the bottom and a notch previously occupied by the tab. No obvious means of opening the lid appeared. Grab the bottom and lift, the usual approach, didn’t work. I got the screw driver and went to work on the lattice.
Susan, the family civil engineer, heard my struggle and offered help. She, too, was mystified. I got the wire cutter and began destroying the lattice. We continued trying to lift the lid.
Finally, success. We broke the seal around the top. The lid structure (or lid system?) was scored around the top, between the lattice band and the real lid. The presumed purpose of the tab is to break the scored line, allowing easy lid lifting.
Memo to Kroger and Smith folks: Change is supposed to be for the better, to create value and improve productivity and thereby grow the economy and Smith’s sales along the way. This change fails.

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T said...

I am equally mystified at THIS! I find it too horrendous for words. Someone at has posed this issue but there are no responses to it, thus far.

The poster took the moniker "Ice Cream Opener FAIL!"