Sunday, July 3, 2011

Hyperion Gets Money

Hyperion Power Generation Inc. ( of Los Alamos (and Denver, London and Washington, D.C.) has obtained additional capital, reports Commercial Break, a newsletter of Technology Ventures Corporation. The article said, "The company closed on its Series B round of capital from existing and additional private investors. HPG was formed to commercialize a small modular nuclear reactor design by
Los Alamos National Lab scientists. The reactor fills a previously unmet need for a transportable power source that is safe, clean, sustainable, and cost efficient."
The new capital will allow Hyperion to complete the final power plant design and to begin licensing and sales. When "in mass production," each reactor will produce power for 20,000 homes.
As mentioned in my May 2 post, Small modular reactors were a big topic at the uranium fuel cycle conference in Hobbs. But I didn't hear a mention of Hyperion, which still seems a bit odd.
Hyperion presented at the 2010 TVC Equity Capital Symposium. Find Technology Ventures Corporation at

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