Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Road Notes: Mowing, Flowers and Corn

Mowing highway shoulders seems a useless exercise, especially in the case of interstates where the paved shoulder is the width of even large autos. I commented on this before. Mowing the highway shoulder seems especially useless in the desert, which is a little short of rain to grow plants next to those wide shoulders.
Highway folks in Iowa seem to have the same idea, no more mowing (or at least less). The bonus stems, so to speak, from the fact that it rains in Iowa with the result being abundant flowers along the interstate highways.
Sometimes the wind blows in Iowa in Wisconsin. Wind, we’re told by our Wisconsin expert, was the explanation for yesterday’s weird sight, miles of corn fields with the corn tilted, even pretty much laying flat. The big wind blew by at around 6 A.M. yesterday morning. Tilt-a-corn, I observed. Today, happily, the corn was back standing tall.

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