Friday, July 29, 2011

Rural Counties Gain Jobs, Metros Lose

New Mexico added 2,400 wage jobs in June over June 2010, an insignificant 0.3% growth, all coming in the rural counties, according to figures released yesterday by the Department of Workforce Services. The four metro areas lost 4,300 jobs among them. That means the rural counties gained 7,700 jobs. This was the first time in 32 months for statewide year-over-year job growth.
The state also added 1,400 wage jobs between May and June on a seasonally not adjusted basis. Seasonally adjusted, the May-June increase moved to 3,700 jobs.
Albuquerque continued to lead the year-over-year metro job loss sweepstakes, down another 2,400. Las Cruces lost 1,300 jobs, year-over-year; Santa Fe, 400; Farmington, 200.
While the unemployment rate drop means little due to mostly reflecting people leaving the labor force, the county unemployment performance is worth one note. A year ago, nine counties claimed more than ten percent unemployed, including Torrance and Valencia counties in metro Albuquerque. The ten percent figure is down to three counties—Luna, 17.2%; Mora, 14.8%; and Guadalupe, 10.6%.
The wonders of movie making, rolling along in Albuquerque in June 2010, explain an 1,100 job drop in the to 8,200 jobs in the city’s information sector. As DWS says, the business is cyclical.

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