Monday, August 29, 2011

Gallup Job index Survey Questions Are Here

My current newspaper talks about New Mexico being in the bottom ten on the “job creation index’ produced by the Gallup polling firm. The column is in release to the ten subscribing newspapers around the state. In the column I promised to explain how Gallup came up with the numbers.
Here is what Gallup said about the survey:
“These results are based on aggregated data from nearly 100,000 interviews with employed adults during the first half of 2011, conducted as part of Gallup Daily tracking. Gallup asks those who are employed whether their companies are hiring workers and expanding the size of their labor forces, not changing the size of their workforces, or laying off workers and reducing their workforces. The figures reported here represent the net difference between the percentage reporting an expansion and the percentage reporting a reduction in their workforces.”
Find Gallup’
S release at:

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