Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pres' Cancer Program Gets National Story

Dealing with the healthcare system is a chore in the best of times. When one has something ugly and dangerous, the hassle goes way up.
Presbyterian Healthcare System’s nurse navigator program offers patients’ guidance and advocacy (Squeeky wheels and all that) for dealing with the system. Pres’ nurse navigator Colleen Sullivan-Moore and Metro Court Judge Judith Nakamura, in her cancer patient mode, made page one of the Wall Street Journal’s Personal Journal section this morning.
Over seven months of breast cancer treatment including two surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation treatment, Sullivan-Moore helped Nakamura, the story says, “understand the diagnosis and overcome her fears.”
Of Sullivan-Moore, Nakamura was quoted as saying, “She was the one who answered all the questions I was trying to figure out and coordinated every step for me.”
Great story. Great program.
I wonder if local media will follow up.

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