Saturday, August 27, 2011

Prices Increasing at Abq Journal

The Albuquerque Journal is increasing the price of the base seven-day subscription by $24 per year starting October 1. The 14% increase will take the base seven-day subscription to $195 per year.
The letter from Albuquerque Publishing (Dear Valued Subscriber) only says the subscription is going up two dollars per month. The rest of the math is mine. In June I paid $171 to renew for a year.
The $171 price seems to apply to Albuquerque and Santa Fe. There is a $207 rate for "daily Sunday" that includes, eJournal, the Journal's new website offering of the print edition. I deduce that the increase also applies to the eJournal package, though that isn't clear. The Albuquerque Publishing letter mentions that "our electronic products were not included with you original subscription package."
The letter says my subscription "will include seven-day access to the eJournal." I think the idea is that my subscription may include the eJournal, but again I'm unsure.
The letter offers a test-drive of the eJournal. I'll look at it.

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