Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Girl Scouts &

From her biography, It doesn't appear that Patricia Diaz Dennis lived in New Mexico a long time. This deduction stems from all the Texas and Washington, D.C., items on Ms Dennis' resume. But she did start in New Mexico, by being born in Santa Rita, and that trivia item was discovered in the most backhanded manner. Professionally, Ms Dennis is Senior Vice President and Assistant General Counsel for AT&T. In her civic life she chairs the board of the Girl Scouts of USA and is a board member of, which cycles back to her birth in Santa Rita, a mining community located in Grant County which is the locale of all sorts of border related development activity centering on Western New Mexico University. got a full discussion recently from San Diego-based nationally syndicated columnist Ruben Navarrette. is a "a binational think tank to help bridge the divide between Mexico and the United States," Navarrette said. The acronym stands for Mexicans & Americans Thinking Together. The organizatiion "has more than 1 million members on both sides of the border."

This is another instance of dicovering a hugely accomplished person with New Mexico ties, however thin, via the national media instead of the locals.

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