Sunday, August 26, 2007

Wine: Vivac Winery

A highlight of our weekend Taos / Santa Fe hang out trip will today's visit to the Vivac Winery. We noticed Vivac about four years ago, just after they had opened the winery. They had been in business for a couple of years before that. The owners, brothers Jesse and Chris Padnerg, are Dixon natives who are in their early 30s. (That age is a guess, for sure, they are younger than we are.) They bring a fresh enthusiasm of youth. The winery is at the intersection of N.M. 68 and N.M. 75. Business has grown enough that Vivac has made the lengthy wine list at the Trading Post Cafe in Ranchos de Taos.
Vivac is a family business all the way. The spouses of the Padberg brothers, Liliana Zavala and Michele Bartley, contribute their talents toward expanding the non-wine product line. Offerings include paintings and hand-made chocolate.
Jesse Padberg says New Mexico now has around 38 wineries. The official brochure lists 21, including Vivac. The difference, Jesse says, is paying the dues to get listed.
We like the Vivac wines, though note that our taste buds are only semi-educated, and we love the spirit of the Padberg brothers. Check them out at

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